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Category Archive for "Intellectual Property"

Some illiberal truths about innovation policy

Aug 01 2016

Another week, another article in the Globe & Mail fawning over Navdeep Bains, the federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.…

The window of consideration: awareness before selection

Mar 16 2016

In IP, most client-provider relationships are enduring and stable. This is not a hook-up culture: clients who are content with their professional…

Seasonal Rant

Mar 15 2016

In the spirit of the season, a Rant and best wishes. Happy Festivus, and All the Best for 2015. Neil

An IP Story: Business Depot

Mar 13 2016

Staples has done a brilliant job of holding Office Depot out of the Canadian market, and one factor must be its skillful…

Patent trolls are here to stay

Mar 13 2016

Patent trolls are here to stay Here are some fundamental truths: Patents are not self-enforcing, nor does the state enforce your patent…


Mar 12 2016

I am no angel, but I know a thing or two about losing money as an angel investor. Hopefully I have learned…

Oligopolies rarely innovate

Mar 12 2016

One of the key challenges for entrepreneurship and innovation in Canada is that so much of the economy is dominated by de…

Misinforming people about patents

Mar 12 2016

We face a crisis of ignorance about intellectual property – seriously, more people know less about IP than any other core business…

Venture capital myths

Mar 11 2016

Is there really a ‘shortage’ of venture capital? If so, where is the evidence? If there is a problem, is this something…

A fetish for sticks and bricks.

Mar 11 2016

Everyone wants to support innovators and entrepreneurs. But in 2014, they don’t need “sticks and bricks”, or beautiful buildings that just create…