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Category Archive for "Patents"

Patent trolls are here to stay

Mar 13 2016

Patent trolls are here to stay Here are some fundamental truths: Patents are not self-enforcing, nor does the state enforce your patent…

Misinforming people about patents

Mar 12 2016

We face a crisis of ignorance about intellectual property – seriously, more people know less about IP than any other core business…

Venture capital myths

Mar 11 2016

Is there really a ‘shortage’ of venture capital? If so, where is the evidence? If there is a problem, is this something…

A fetish for sticks and bricks.

Mar 11 2016

Everyone wants to support innovators and entrepreneurs. But in 2014, they don’t need “sticks and bricks”, or beautiful buildings that just create…

Great company, great news

Mar 10 2016

On June 19, 2012, in Commercialization, Innovation, Intellectual property, Patents, Stories, by Neil Milton Well deserved congratulations to our client, GaN Systems…

New VC fund, right approach

Mar 10 2016

On June 18, 2012, in Uncategorized, by Neil Milton Best wishes to Bruce Croxon and his team at Round 13  – much…

New fund, less funds

Mar 10 2016

Talk about spin. Here is a piece from the Globe and Mail about fresh money being raised by new venture capital funds:…

Patents – videos

Mar 10 2016

Patents   The cost of patents  Click the links to watch the videos: Patents Trademarks Industrial Designs (design patents) Copyrights Case study…

Design videos

Mar 10 2016

Industrial designs (design patents)  Click the links to watch the videos:

Sales are the lifeblood of innovation

Mar 10 2016

A technology company without sales is just a project. A business is only a business when it has revenues. Customers and revenue…