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Category Archive for "The Rants"

Avoid Trump-cosis, and ask “what will rational people do”

Feb 05 2017

Many folks I know are driving themselves crazy watching Trump, raving about his actions, and speculating about what he will do next.…

Some illiberal truths about innovation policy

Aug 01 2016

Another week, another article in the Globe & Mail fawning over Navdeep Bains, the federal Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development.…

Making money from Brexit – the weekend after

Jun 27 2016

The pound will fall further and stay down a long time. Likely a slower swoon not a precipitous fall, but a swoon…

A soft rant about infrastructure

Apr 05 2016

All infrastructure is not concrete. In fact, much of the most important infrastructure today is soft – software in fact. If infrastructure…

A Partisan Rant

Apr 01 2016

A little bird told me that some of you intend to vote Conservative in the upcoming federal election. Let me be clear:…

A riposte to Balsillie

Mar 25 2016

Just because you are wealthy does not mean that you are wise. Another week, another rant from Jim Balsillie in the Globe…

Seasonal Rant

Mar 15 2016

In the spirit of the season, a Rant and best wishes. Happy Festivus, and All the Best for 2015. Neil

An IP Story: Business Depot

Mar 13 2016

Staples has done a brilliant job of holding Office Depot out of the Canadian market, and one factor must be its skillful…

Patent trolls are here to stay

Mar 13 2016

Patent trolls are here to stay Here are some fundamental truths: Patents are not self-enforcing, nor does the state enforce your patent…

The future of Venture Capital is old folks

Mar 12 2016

VC +  pension funds = a great match Traditional venture capital funds have a massive structural problem: their time horizons are far too…