What we need to sell

To sell IP, we need to sell trust. As IP practitioners, obviously we “sell” intellectual property services.  That is what clients ultimately

Establishing trust

Indirect proof: content marketing and social proof. As much as you may want to ‘sell trust’, you cannot force people to trust

Using IP for Dummies

An excellent tool for: education & outreach marketing generating referrals “Quite possibly the best marketing tool available for IP practitioners.” Education and

Order IP For Dummies

It is very easy to order copies of Intellectual Property Law For Dummies. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you do not

The future of Venture Capital is old folks

VC +  pension funds = a great match Traditional venture capital funds have a massive structural problem: their time horizons are far too

From freezer to frying pan

Weird weather and why you need to follow up after INTA. The first weekend of April it snowed in Ottawa, and I

How to lose money in tech

Buy good companies at stupid prices The two most effective ways to lose money investing in technology companies are: Invest in bad companies;

Tax breaks for the old economy

Let’s make it hard for new-economy companies ! Let’s favour dinosaur businesses ! That is the basic premise of our corporate income

HST fairness: tax those foreigners!

A crucial component of a functioning tax system is that it should establish a level playing field, and should not arbitrarily pick

Services matter more than manufacturing if you want to improve productivity and growth

If you want to move the needle with economic development, it is services that matter the most. Manufacturing and resource extraction may