What Happy Meals teach us about keeping IP clients happy.

Clients hate paying ‘by the fry’. Why do people love the pricing of Happy Meals?  Because they know what they are getting

Target’s trademark miss

There were no great bargains to be had in Target’s unfortunate foray into Canada. What happened to Target with trademarks is particularly

Are Canadian patents pricey?

I was recently told by a British colleague that Canadian patents were pricey. I was stunned, and did not respond properly at

Why file abroad

Can shipping “from yourself to yourself” possibly amount to “inducing infringement”? I always thought that it “took two to tango”. However, a

Setting expectations

Get everyone on the same page for foreign filings It is crucial to ensure that all stakeholders have shared expectations in advance

How foreign filings can go wrong

When you file patents outside the US that correspond to the patents you are already filing in the US you can add

PCT National Phase in Canada: month 42

Deadline month 30, extendable to month 42 The formal deadline for filing a Canadian PCT national phase is month 30. It is


Best practices for foreign filings Want to avoid being sued?  Want to be a foreign filing hero? Make sure the chain of

Foreign IP is on sale

The world really does move in mysterious ways, and nowhere is that more true than in the economy. The price of oil

Seasonal Rant

In the spirit of the season, a Rant and best wishes. Happy Festivus, and All the Best for 2015. Neil