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Blue light bulb.We can help you grow your business.

We provide sophisticated, practical battle-tested marketing advice and strategies or select clients, including but not limited to IP law firms around the world.

We did not inherit our business, nor did we build a practice at a big firm and then leave and take clients with us.  Each and every client of our firm has been acquired from scratch based on our business development efforts (and they have been retained with excellent service and good prices).  We know how hard it is to generate new business, and we can help you set realistic goals and achieve cost-effective results.  We are in the trenches, ‘eating our own cooking’, so you will always receive the best possible advice grounded in reality, not pie in the sky promises or a lack of understanding of your business.  Most importantly, we can help you avoid mistakes and focus on your strategies on the most promising opportunities.

Our domain expertise is in marketing high quality professional services to businesses, especially technology-enabled services which are more efficient and effective than the ‘old school’.  Obviously we know a lot about marketing intellectual property services, but we also have experience with software, IT professional services, training, HR-related services and a host of other activities.

Our primary focus is on content marketing in all its permutations – we believe passionately in the value of making high quality information available to prospects which demonstrates expertise and facilitates their choice of service provider.

Our tactical experience includes a very wide array of online and off-line techniques and tools including blogs, SEO, PPC, print marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, video, webinars, white papers, books, seminars, online and real world networking and sponsorships.

For a free, confidential discussion of how we can help you, please contact Neil Milton.


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