Ideas on marketing for IP practitioners.

Narrow the audience to improve the awareness

The first hard choice for IP marketers is deciding who the target audience is. Perhaps it once worked for professional service firms

The window of consideration: awareness before selection

In IP, most client-provider relationships are enduring and stable. This is not a hook-up culture: clients who are content with their professional

Focus on the real prospects.

The idea that we should focus our marketing on real prospects is very basic, but most of us get this wrong at


Marketing for IP Practitioners In this series of short blog posts and videos I want to talk about the fundamentals of successful

What we need to sell

To sell IP, we need to sell trust. As IP practitioners, obviously we “sell” intellectual property services.  That is what clients ultimately

Establishing trust

Indirect proof: content marketing and social proof. As much as you may want to ‘sell trust’, you cannot force people to trust