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Foreign IP is on sale

The world really does move in mysterious ways, and nowhere is that more true than in the economy.

The price of oil is way down. The US Dollar is way up relative to the currencies of most other countries, including in particular Japan, Korea, China, Europe, Canada and Australia.

Perhaps there is no link between the two facts, but for our purposes what matters is that the cost of acquiring IP outside the United States has dropped dramatically recently – at least 10% since the summer of 2014, and as much as 20% from the most recent peak (depending on the jurisdiction).

If your foreign associates are giving you fair exchange rates, this effective price reduction for American applicants applies to both the official fees and the professional fees.  It creates a golden opportunity to think strategically about building the portfolio with applications filed 12-30 months ago.

This is the first in our Foreign Filing Hero series of short videos. We hope that you enjoy them. Comments and questions are always welcome.


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