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From Freezer To Frying Pan

From freezer to frying pan

ThermometerWeird weather and why you need to follow up after INTA.

The first weekend of April it snowed in Ottawa, and I was “San Diego dreaming”.  Now at the end of May it is ‘stinking hot’ in Ottawa (that is the technical term). For proof, here is my ski wax thermometer (photo taken at 18:00 hrs, in the shade).

Ottawa weather is erratic, but the fundamentals of effective marketing are constant.

IP is about trusted relationships. Forming and keeping trusted relationships takes time and consistent effort. A “one and done” meeting is not a relationship. Follow up is crucial.

Have you followed up with all of the contacts that you made at INTA? Have you sent all the LinkedIn connection requests that you planned? If not, take a moment and do it now. You have just spent a lot of time and money to make some new connections – now you need to nurture them.

More free info on marketing

Coming soon: a webinar series on marketing for IP practitioners.

Our seminar at INTA on marketing for IP practitioners was a huge success: attendance was very strong, interest high, and the feedback very positive. Thank you  very much to all who made it such a success.

Obviously there is a real hunger in our community for information about how to market. I am hard at work developing a series of free webinars so that more of you can participate (and learn from my mistakes).

Do you have a topic you want covered?  Is there an issue that you are wrestling with at your firm?  Please send me an email.  No issue is too small, no question is silly.

Neil Milton


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